JJRae Jewelry Designs

Handmade Gemstone and glass bead jewelry. Handstrung, wire work, silversmith, bead weaving.

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JJRae Jewelry Design

JJRae Jewelry Design began in March of 2015.  

Jani and JoAnn have always had a special interest in jewelry.

Jani was collecting precious gemstone jewelry since she was 16 years old. When QVC came on the scene, she started to grow her collection to a phenomenal level, filling 2 huge jewelry armoires of precious metal and gemstone jewelry and another for fashion jewelry (mainly Lia Sophia because she built a website for her friend who sold that jewelry).

JoAnn had a fair collection herself. But when she had surgery, Jani knew her sister would not sit around and mend-she must be productive. So Jani taught her how to do a simple Kumihimo necklace and JoAnn started to make jewelry also. 

Now Jani is a bead stringer, wire wrapper, silversmith using gemstones, rocks, glass beads, and crystals. JoAnn is a bead stringer and bead weaver using gemstones and glass beads in her art.

The name JJRae came from their names; JoAnn and Jani-also, Rachel, their mother who passed with lung cancer. The support ribbon for lung cancer is white therefore, in honor of their mother they add “One White Pearl” to their jewelry. 

We like to add one white pearl to each of our designs if it can be added where aesthetically pleasing.

Thank you for stopping and checking out our website. We hope you enjoyed your time with us. Please come back often as our inventory changes every day. Please share our website with your family and friends and check out our social networking sites.  On Youtube you will find tutorials, bead and gemstone hauls, and educational videos about gemstones.





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